Aiming to revive the oasis’ building methods, the architecture of Al Tarfa was largely inspired from the surrounding villages. Built with local natural materials and using primitive techniques the twenty individually designed, furnished and decorated suites and rooms are unique. Each room is complemented with artistic and comfortable Saharan architecture, with modern-classic furniture with a luxury flavor. In this fashion, each room has its own character, with original ceilings, lamps and carpets custom-made for Al Tarfa.

“How delightful, to wake up by the tickling of the soft morning sun rays. I opened my eyes to a dreamlike feeling, as I looked up at the ceiling made of interwoven palm fronds and brick-red branches of the Tarfa bushes through the mosquito net. The biggest question of the moment was whether to get up or not. Snuggled in the fluffy bed of my cottage at Al Tarfa lodge I was exactly where I wanted to be.” – Aline Kazandjian (Read the complete article at

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