Cultural Tours

Dakhla Oasis consists of fourteen villages and dozens of smaller hamlets which each hold remarkable characteristics in terms of customs, architecture and cultivations. The presence of twelve international archaeological missions may indicate the significance of the oasis’ history. As Travel Writer, Lesley Lababidi said: “Today the local Egyptian farmers are guardians of an immense cultural legacy that has been preserved here. Evidence of its many layers of different cultures is to be found in the arches of Al Qasr and the well of Deir El Hagar, along the green farm land of Balat historic district, residence of governors in the Sixth Dynasty and in the mud brick architecture lining the streets and pathways.”

Al Tarfa organizes morning and afternoon trips to many fascinating cultural sites. These guided and well served trips go to the splendid villages and fortresses of Al Qasr and Balat, the Roman buried city of Amheida, known as the Pompeii of the Sahara, the temple of Deir El Hagar and several other sites.

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