Al Tarfa Desert Library

In summer 2008, Al Tarfa Desert Sanctuary announced the opening of its Desert Library with more than 180 valuable publications. Presenting a broad selection of desert-related manuscripts, maps and CDs, as well as rare books such as Hassanein’s The Lost Oases (1925), Bagnold’s Libyan Sands (1942), Thesiger’s Arabian Sands, Almasy’s Monographs and Prince Kemal El Din’s Journals (1923). The library aims to preserve the Saharan literature and assist in raising awareness towards environmental issues. The Desert Library is a step towards reaching one of Al Tarfa’s original goals; to establish a base for archaeological and environmental research”.

Presentations on the desert geographies and hisotries are given upon request. Desert expert, Wael Abed, is the Managing Partner and gives visual lectures upon request.

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