Egypt’s most pristine destination…

“…and here in Dakhla – a secret [Egyptian] oasis at the end of a road less travelled – is a new little beauty. This is isolation for the intrepid traveller, where …[celebrities] come to escape the glare. Al Tarfa pops up like a mirage: an eco lodge surrounded by pinky cliffs, apricot sand-dunes and a sun-baked sky.

… Come here for adventures in an ancient landscape, for the most perfectly preserved Roman relics and Pharaonic temples you’ll clap eyes on. Camel-trek along the horizon, dip in primordial springs and feast on sweet Egyptian cakes. It’s soul-stirring stuff.” – From Tatler Travel Guide 2010, by Issy Von Simson.

Al Tarfa Desert Sanctuary is located in Dakhla Oasis which lies west of Kharga Airport (180km) and is also about 310 km to the southeast of Farafra and 500km west of the Nile (6 hours from Luxor Airport). Dakhla Oasis (Oasi Magna of the ancient times and the threshold to Gilf Kebir National Park) consists of 14 settlements and has a population of about 70,000 people. Dakhla is considered by many to be Egypt’s most beautiful oasis. Being away from the village’s dwellings Al Tarfa maintains its privacy, serenity and distinct appeal. The lodge’s location is superb, with various levels and granting a 360°panoramic view over the breathtaking and lively oasis landscape Which intensely contrasts with the surrounding deserts.
From Cairo, a number of scheduled flights can take you close to Al Tarfa Lodge:

  • On Sundays and Thursdays, a 60 minute flight departs from Cairo Airport (Terminal 1 – Hall 2) at 08:00am and returns on the same day at 16:00
    That means you can come for a 3-night weekend  (Thursday to Sunday) or, if you
    prefer a longer stay, you can come with the Sunday flight for a recommended 4-night  stay (Sunday to Thursday)
  • These charter flights (Cairo/Kharga Oasis/Cairo) are operated by PAS (Petroleum Air Service) in cooperation with Al Tarfa Lodge. Thus, it can be booked through the Al Tarfa’s Front Office. Contact at or call 002 0100 100 1109
    Al Tarfa also arranges for your transportation from the airport to the Lodge.
  • On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, an Egypt Air regular line flies Cairo/Assiut/Cairo, departing from Cairo Airport’s Terminal 3 at 08:20am. The Egypt Air flights can be booked through the Lodge at no extra cost or via Egypt Air. Yet, the Assiut Airport is currently closed for maintenance.
  • In all cases, Al Tarfa can arrange for your transportation from the airport to the Lodge and back. Check Flight Fares and Transfer Tariffs by sending an email to explaining the number of seats required and dates of travel.PRIVATE PLANE SERVICES
    Private Beechcraft turbo-prop (10 seats), as well as Hawker Jet (08 seats) are also available upon request.
    These private planes can land you at Dakhla Airport, only 20 minutes away from Al Tarfa Lodge. Fares start from EUR 3,500/hour.

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