Al Tarfa Celebrates First Anniversary With Musical – The Desert Queen.

Celebrating it’s first anniversary, Al Tarfa Desert Sanctuary hosted the musical The Desert Queen, starring opera Singer Corinne Feron with pianist conductor, Jean-Luc Tingaud. Melodies and arias, inspired from the orient, echoed in the Sanctuary during an open air concert on Oct. 29 (photo). Guests of Al Tarfa enjoyed the magical oasis setting, cultural explorations and nature-based excursions to the Dakhla Dunes park, as well as spa treatments that made their stay extra spoling. Al Tarfa here quotes: ” Helping cleaning the soul …the scenery is just breath taking and the details in every little small thing is just super it was done with PASSION [our host] makes you feel at home, you are pampered all the way by a cheerful selected staff that only wants you t…o be comfortable and spoiled 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS for a LUXURIOUS SIMPLICITY that is hard to find nowadays”).

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